What’s “L writing paper”?
“L writing paper” is exclusively made by LIFE.

“L writing paper” is exclusively made by LIFE and a distinguished Japanese paper manufacturing
company.It has been developed since 2001.It has many advantages, to note only 3 good points.
They are as follows;

Fluent writing

The secret of fluency resides on very flat surface.This is made by high quality pulp.The good pulp
consists of uniform fiber, so it makes the surface flat naturally.It is natural that paper has two
sides; front side and back side.In general, feeling to write on the front side differs from one on
the back side.On “L writing paper”, the difference is so scarce.Our craftsmen check and regulate
strictly on papermaking.

Easy turn over

The uniform fiber makes the paper strong and elastic.So you can turn over our notebooks lightly.

Eye conscious nature.

The product ranges in two colours: cream and white.The colour of paper we adjust is easy to the
eyes.And the both are laid paper.Laid paper is not only a character of our high quality paper,
but also good textures to prevent eyestrain by reducing reflections of lights.